Friday, 14 July 2017

Tips for beauty sleep

Sleep plays an imperative role in maintaining a healthy and radiant skin. Lack of sleep can cause various skin problems. It can cause black circles and puffiness of eyes. Lack of proper sleep can also cause dull skin or dull complexion.

 Lack of sleep can also damage your skin cells. Essential sleep of eight to ten hours is required for maintaining a beautiful skin. In common cases, lack of good sleep can also cause early signs of aging.

 Here are some tips in case of beauty sleep:

 Try to set your time of sleeping according to your routine. If you set regular hours of sleeping, you may not have to compromise on your health. In this case, it’s imperative not to mix your personal and work related life. Try and maintain a healthy balance between the two.

 In case of beauty sleep, it’s vital to keep your mind relaxed. If you have any type of stress or tension, it may affect your sleep. In this case, you can opt for relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation. It helps in total mind control, which in turn helps you to sleep better.

 It has been proven, that reading a book can actually help you to sleep better. In this case, you can opt for reading a book, to keep your mind relaxed. This helps in beauty sleep.

 Having tea or coffee at bedtime can also affect your sleep. Try and stay away from having tea or coffee. This can affect your sleep in a negative manner.

 You can also opt for simple exercises before you sleep. This helps your mind and body to relax.

 For a good beauty sleep, you can also opt for having one tea spoon of honey on daily basis. Honey is really effective in case of insomnia.

 These are some simple tips which may help you with your beauty sleep.


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