Saturday, 14 July 2012

How To Lighten skin

There are many skin lightening products available in market today. But, it’s really hard to differentiate between good or average products. Well, most have the women want to lighten their complexion. So, they take up varied methods for the same. Some women opt for creams, soaps and home made masks. You also have the option of lightening your skin on natural basis. There are various natural products which can help to lighten your skin. You just have to stick to the product on long term basis.

Here are some of the natural skin lightening tips you can use.

Cucumber has natural properties which can make your skin lighter.
Cucumber is also known as natural bleaching agent. In case of skin lightening you can opt for cucumber on daily basis. Take 3 tea spoons of cucumber juice and apply it on your face. You can keep the juice for five minutes or until it dries up.

 It is one of the most effective methods for lightening of skin. You can apply cucumber juice three to four times in a week for effective results. Cucumber juice can also be applied along with one tea spoon of honey. It gives an instant shine to your face.
Lemon juice also has natural bleaching properties as cucumber juice. Application of lemon juice on daily basis can give you instant results. You also have an option of mixing lemon juice along with any form of citrus juice.

Take two teaspoons of lemon juice and two teaspoons of citrus juice. Apply it on your face until dried. You can apply this mixture on daily basis. You will notice a change in your skin after a month. It lightens your skin and at the same time makes it glow.

You can easily choose a particular method and make your own natural skin lightener.

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