Friday, 21 July 2017

Body Cleanser

Many women pay heed to only their facial skin. but, body skin should be given equal importance in terms of cleansing and moisturizing. there are many natural body lotions available which can help to cleanse your body in a positive manner. you can also choose a body cleanser according to skin texture. you can also select a body cleanser for oily skin. it is mostly available in oil free form for your skin. you can also opt for natural body cleansers for your daily skin care regime. they are effective and safe on your body.

Here are some tips for body cleanser you can consider:

You can use natural cleansers in the form of herbal oils. for your combination skin type, you can opt for jojoba oil and olive oil. this naturally helps to cleanse your body skin, and helps to get rid of excess dirt on skin. you can also mix some sugar in this mix. opt for this natural method while bathing. you can use this method two to three times in a week. this is very effective for your condition. this method also helps to make your skin clear and healthy. there is no harm on your skin, if you use this natural method regularly on skin.

Apart from cleansing your body in external form, you can also cleanse your body in internal form. inner cleansing of body, reflects on your outer skin in a positive manner. you can cleanse your skin internally by opting for natural form of ginger juice. take one part of ginger juice and add one part of nutmeg powder. you can also add some amount of honey in this mix. try and have this on daily basis to cleanse your skin. you can also opt for this powder along with some warm water and have it on daily basis to cleanse your body skin in natural manner.

You can also use natural form of yogurt for your body cleansing. you can direct apply it on your skin. this also helps to clean all the dead cells on your skin in effective manner.

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