Friday, 27 January 2012

How To Bleach Stomach Hair

Stomach hair can look ugly, and most of the women feel embarrassed because of this. The most common reason for stomach hair can be related to hormonal imbalance in the body. Stomach hair is mostly fine in texture, and you can easily bleach your stomach hair. Bleaching your stomach hair is a better option as compared to waxing.

You can follow a proper process for bleaching stomach hair in order to get good results. It is important to choose bleach that may suit your skin. You need to be careful with your delicate skin for bleaching your stomach hair.

Here are some tips to bleach stomach hair:

You must choose a right bleaching cream to start with the process of bleaching. Bleaching creams are available depending on your skin type. You can choose string bleach, if you have a thicker hair growth. With sensitive skin, you need to choose a mild bleach. The right kind of bleach can give good results for the process of bleaching stomach hair. You can also take a small patch test to know about suitability of the bleach. If there is no reaction on your skin, you can go ahead with the process of bleaching your stomach hair.

You can then cleanse the area before you apply the bleach. Do not exfoliate your stomach skin, with soap or any other exfoliate, this may tend to open your skin pores. You can cleanse your stomach area with a soft cotton cloth. You can also wash the area with cold water before you begin with the process of bleaching stomach hair. You can then mix the right proportion of the bleaching cream. Then apply it to your stomach hair with the help of the spatula. If your skin is sensitive, you can keep a mild proportion of bleach.

Some more tips to bleach stomach hair:

You can keep the bleach for about fifteen minutes, if you have normal skin. But, if you have sensitive skin, then you need to keep this for ten minutes. If you experience any kind of burning sensation, you should immediately remove the bleach. This mostly happens with delicate skin.

You can check by removing a small portion of bleach, once it is done, you can simply wipe it off from the skin. You can also wash your stomach area with cold water. You can also use a cotton towel to remove your bleach. This can be effective for bleaching stomach hair.

You can apply a soothing lotion to your stomach area after the process is over. This helps to soothe and relieve the skin after the process of bleaching. You can also apply ice on your stomach area after the process of bleach. This may help to reduce the redness caused by bleaching.

If you follow a proper process of bleaching stomach hair, you can get good results. You can repeat the process of bleach every month. This normally depends on your texture and hair growth. Bleaching stomach hair is simple, if you use a proper bleach for your skin.

These are some tips you may consider for bleaching your stomach hair.

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