Wednesday, 28 December 2011

How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms

 Many women face problem of dark underarms, and this could also affect appearance. There are many causes for the condition of dark underarms. The main causes include excessive sweating or use of chemical based products on underarms. Whitening sprays and deo’s can help to get rid of the condition, but those are short-term solutions.

Natural ways to remove underarm marks are effective. You can use natural ways depending on your skin suitability. Natural methods help to lighten dark marks on underarms in an effective way.

Here are natural ways to remove dark underarm marks:

Dark Underarms
One effective way to remove dark spots and marks from underarms is by using vitamin E. natural vitamin E can help to lighten and remove all the marks. You can take some vitamin E tablet and crush it. Now, add some rose water in this. Mix this well and apply it to your underarm area. This helps to lighten your spots. It helps in removing the dark spots on underarms. If you have a sensitive skin, then you can use glycerin in the mix. This method can give good results for your condition of dark underarms. You may use natural vitamin E oil as an option.

You can use yogurt and turmeric to get rid of dark spots and marks on underarms. This may sound messy, but the results are good. You can take some yogurt in a bowl, and add some turmeric powder in it. You can then add few drops of milk in the mixture. Mix well and apply it to your underarms. Keep it for some time; you can then wash the area with warm water. This helps to lighten and remove your dark spots from underarms. You can remove dark spots caused by excessive sweating using this natural solution.

Some different methods to remove dark underarm marks:

You can use alum powder for removing dark underarm marks. Take a part of alum powder and add some baking soda in this. You can then add some coconut oil in this. Mix this and apply it to your underarm area. This may help to lighten your marks on skin. This helps in removing all the dark spots caused by sweat. You can use the method two times in a week for getting good results. You can apply this mixture to sensitive and delicate skin as well. Baking soda can also be used in natural form for removing of marks.

You can keep your underarms clean by getting them waxed regularly. Waxing is best way to remove your underarm hair; this also prevents sweating in the area. Shaving your underarm area could cause darkening, so choose waxing for keeping your area clean. One simple way to remove dark spots from underarm area is by applying lemon juice. You can rub a lemon on your underarms on daily basis. This not only prevents sweating, but also removes dark spots from underarms. You can mix lemon juice and rose water and apply it on your underarm area.

These are some natural ways for removing dark underarm marks. Maintain a proper hygiene to keep your skin clean.

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